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Vast is on Tumblr!!

Hi all! I know I haven't been around here much lately, but I've gotten pretty sucked back into writing "House, M.D." fic and have spent most of my available free time doing that. BUT... I will be coming to see all the Dash-Con folks on Thursday night, and I just made a Tumblr so I can keep up with all you lovlies better :-) My name on there is jj-lockd. I still basically don't know what the hell I'm doing on there, so any help or advice that isn't too technically complicated would be appreciated!! Hope to see lots of you in a few days :-)


Sad... damned Dreamworks!!!

A customization inspired by the fact: No series, No new Movie... I really like to has live in USA for do a march with placards and banners... My heart hurts...

Stardust Megamind

Well, I made a little vídeo, using one of my singers favorites
(Don't hate me please T.T)

finally new fan art :)

ollo everybody, wow i cant believe i havent posted anything here for such a long time, anyway here is an all new drawing i have done of our favourite blue hero when he was a kid, i hope you all like it

New chapter to Impressed

Karen B. Jones has deleted her LJ but she still posts Megamind fic on  She's just posted Chapter 46 of Impressed.  It totally rocks. Go read it.

Last call for DashCon!!

So most of this has been talked about on Tumblr, but I realize some of you haven't migrated over there with the rest of us yet. If you're interested in meeting with us and sharing a hotel room with other Megamind fans, get in contact with dani_kin as soon as possible!! We have 17 confirmed people as of now, including myself! I'M SO EXCITED! And I can't wait to meet you guys there! OhgodI'mscared.

Any Frozen Crossovers?

 Come on, I 'm not the only one whose first throught upon hearing Let it Go for the first time was of our favorite blue alien. And I'm POSITIVE that if even the Ninjago fandom has done it by now, surely we must be ten steps ahead of them.
 But, alas, not understanding Tumblr and hardly using DA, I have no way of knowing if this magnificent crossover has come to pass.
 So, if anybody would be kind enough to direct me to any existing Megamind/Frozen crossovers, or consider this a challenge to make some, I would be greatly indebted to you.

(Oh, in case you don't know, Ninjago is a LEGO cartoon about Ninjas, newest obsession, fandom is mostly Mary-Sue-Land and made primarily of young boys and preteen girls. We're much better.)

Birthdays of Megamind and Metro Man

This is something I have been thinking about for awhile, but just now decided to get it out there.  So, in the movie it is stated that Megamind is only 8 days old when he leaves his home planet and arrives on Earth on Christmas morning.  Assuming both, that those "8 days" refer to Earth days, and his trip lasted less than one Earth Day, it can be assumed that his birthday is around December 16th or 17th.

However, Metro Man's Birthday is more ambiguous.  I've seen a few fan fictions that assume that Metro Man and Megamind have the same birthday, but do they really?  I mean, sure, both Metro Man and Megamind arrived on Earth at the same time, but that doesn't mean they were the same age when they left their home planets.  Metro Man could have been 10 days old, a month old, or even a few months old when he arrived on Earth.

I'm just wondering, am I the only one who has thought of this, or have any of you guys wondered the same thing?

I also have another observation I'd like to discuss, but I'll leave that for another time. 

0Megamind Doll Order Slots Available.

Hey guys. I figured I'd post here even though the board doesn't get a whole lot of traffic anymore.

Short story is that I've had several people ask me for a cast of the Megamind ball-jointed doll I made, and I'm trying to get it cast by a casting company, since I don't have the facilities to make that many on my own.

TL/DR: There are three more slots open for people who want a doll. I HAVE to have at least one more person to afford the order at all. $130 gets you a finished figure like in the link above. Let me know ASAP if you want one!

The longer version:

It costs $1300 for an order of 10 doll casts (10 is their minimum). That means it costs $130 per doll. I am sanding off any seams, painting the face, making the eyes, stringing him, and shipping it to you without charging more, because I love you guys and I want this to be fun and as affordable as possible.

I currently have 7 people that want one, including myself.

That leaves 3 slots left for anyone else that wants one.

Here’s the wrinkle; I have to have at least one more person to afford placing the order at all. I can’t eat the cost of 3 extra dolls. I just don’t have the funds available. I can barely, if I squint at my bank account, squeak 2. So if you want a doll, please, please let me know!

Are we a cult?

 I was wondering, you know how they often say that a slightly obscure movie or TV show with a small but highly obsessed dedicated fanbase has a 'cult-following' or is a 'cult favorite?'
Does Megamind fall under that heading? How large/passionate/steadfast does a fandom have to be in order to be offically dubbed a 'cult?' I mean, there's still quite a few of us, and we're extremely passionate, and it's been, what, three or four years?
Hi, I've realized that one of the main reasons I like the movie Megamind, is because I enjoy romance between a smart, strong-willed girl and a genius guy.  And so, I have been on a search for other movies, tv series, or books that have a similar romance going on. It doesn't have to be exact, but just something slightly similar. I haven't had much luck finding anything.  However, I know all of you here love Megamind, and a good majority of you like the Megamind x Roxanne relationship as well, so maybe some of you have similar interests as I do and could recommend me something?

Do you have anything you could recommend me?

Bonus if it is a cross species relationship, too.  lol

Thanks in advance!

Journey to Evil Queen - Chapter 2

Premovie-AU.  Everything is going wrong for Roxanne and she decides to find Megamind and enlist his help. She may have found more than she bargained for. But maybe, just maybe, she’ll find everything that she has always looked for.

Disclaimer: I do not own Megamind nor am I affiliated with Dreamworks in anyway.  I'm just borrowing the characters.  I’m also not associated with the Girl Scouts of America, besides being one when I was a child.

Title:  Journey to Evil Queen – Ch2
Author:  LadyStina2
Characters: Megamind, Roxanne, and Minion
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none

Chapter Summary: Roxanne locates her kidnappers and convinces them to help her out.
Word Count: ~6700

Ch 1 -

If anything looks amiss, grab her and bring her inCollapse )

Journey to Evil Queen - Chapter 1

Premovie-AU.  Everything is going wrong for Roxanne and she decides to find Megamind and enlist his help. She may have found more than she bargained for. But maybe, just maybe, she’ll find everything that she has always looked for.

Disclaimer:I do not own Megamind nor am I affiliated with Dreamworks in anyway. I'm just borrowing the characters.

Title:  Journey to Evil Queen 
Author:  LadyStina2
Characters: Megamind, Roxanne, and Minion
Rating: PG-13    
Warnings: Some strong language
Word Count: 5908

Bomb stains never came out.Collapse )

Night Club of Doom, ch. 3

Final chapter of Night Club of Doom. Here's the link to the tale, in all its three-part glory. Enjoy! Please review. :)

Night Club of Doom
Hello fellow Megamind Fans!!

I have here the first page of a fan comic I've been making for the lovely fanfiction by Megam1nd,  Just Another School Year.  This particular scene takes place in chapter 9 in the story so it does have a bit of spoilers.

Please Check the comic out HERE and tell me what you think!

And if you haven't already, please also read and review the fanfiction, Just Another School Year.  You can read it HERE.

More Pages to come so stay tuned!
So after playing (and beating) the Lego Movie Videogame I can confirm that Will Ferrell still does a lot of the voicing for Lord Business in the game, and there is at least one Megamind-referencing quote that was slipped in.

If you liked the movie and want to hear more of villain!Megamind, I highly recommend the game. It's a genuinely well-done game, tho a bit glitchy with my PS3. Still good, tho.

Fic: The Deal

Hello, everyone.  It's been awhile, but I come bearing a new one-shot.  The idea has been in my head since I wrote the initial dialog in a previous story (A Mile in My Shoes) and it just had to be written down.  Kind of inconvenient since I'm in the middle of writing a longer story.  I'm waiting until that gets nearly finished before I start posting, but in the meantime, on with the show!

Title: The Deal
Characters: Roxanne, Megamind, Minion
Word count: 2350
Summary: pre-movie, slight AU.  Megamind and Roxanne decide to formalize their arrangement in his Evil Schemes.

The Deal

You've been kidnapped and are being held hostage! That does not constitute a pay rate!Collapse )

Fanfic: Arrivals, chapter 4 (Conclusion)

Title: Arrivals, Chapter 4
Author: Joan
Length: 2600 words
Summary: The end, with the explanation you've been waiting for.
Warnings: Same as Chapter 1

Sunday morning services were the only time the whole community gathered in one place.Collapse )

Fanfic: Arrivals, chapter 3

Title: Arrivals, Chapter 3
Author: Joan
Length: 2000 words
Summary: Cultural adjustments and backstory.
Warnings: All OCs all the time, and a moment of skinnydipping.

Where are you from, Vorn?Collapse )

Fanfic: Arrivals, chapter 2

Title: Arrivals, Chapter 2
Author: Joan
Length: 1900 words
Summary: First contact between a blue person with a fish companion and a Scott.
Warnings: All OCs all the time.

August 12th, 1899Collapse )

Fanfic: Arrivals, chapter 1

I'm going to post this here even though it's also on because they delete I thought I read something about untouched stories being deleted after 90 days.

The tiny space ships that brought to Earth the infants that would grow up to be Megamind, Minion and Metro Man were programmed to go, not just to the same planet, but to the same house. What's up with that?

Title: Arrivals, Chapter 1
Author: Joan
Length: 900 words
Summary: The master of Scott Mansion tries to find out what that unexpected baby is doing under the tree.
Warnings: A cuss word or two.

Robert Scott really hadn't known.Collapse )

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Just wanted to wish a Happy V-Day to all of my fellow Megamind Fans.  Gosh, it's been awhile.  How have you all been?  Has your love for Megamind still been going strong?  Mine has!  

Click-through Storyboard for "Master Mind"

Here's this terrific click-through storyboard for an early version of Megamind, discovered by Hunger4Righteousness from, it features an extended scene of the mayor's office when Megamind first takes control. He's alternatively called Master Mind and Oobermind here (guess the creators hadn't made up their minds yet), and it also features members of the Doom Syndicate! Hot Flash, Destruction Worker, and Agent Orange (an early version of Psycho Delic, possibly). Megamind compares them to bumpkin relatives who come out of the woodwork at the first hint of success.

Lots of great stuff here. Megamind kicking stacks of paper off the desk, shouting gleefully into the phone to "Kill them! Kill them all!", and Minion giving him a ride with the swivel chair, pushing the boss back and forth by the window while the cops down in the street watch.

Here's the link: Metro City Is Mine

The Lego Movie (again)

Okay so at this point people from Tumblr are PROBABLY thinking "Filthy, shut up about legos" but NO SERIOUSLY. GUYS.

The Lego Movie is 1) GOOD. Like legitimately amusing and fun to watch, good. 2) Voiced by a crazy-awesome cast, including our: Will Ferrell (Megamind) and Jonah Hill (Hal). 3) Will Ferrell is seriously doing the Megamind persona in this character and has been called out on it in various reviews, down to using the same kind of mispronunciation gags.

Long story short is Will Ferrell is the best voice actor in the universe for making a nod to Megamind and you cannot convince me otherwise. I also hope the higher-ups at Dreamworks who decided on Turbo instead of Megamind 2 are regretting everything they've done (and planning to retract their decisions, hint hint DWA, HINT.).

And here's another non-spoilery trailer if I can't convince you yet:


Also, unrelated!

I made a basic Megamind Fandom Crash Course post on Tumblr, for funsies. I probably missed some things but that was everything I could think to cough out within a day. If you're a newer fan kind of confused as to what is going on, that would be a post for you!


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