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Crab Nuggets

Crab Nuggets

Summary: Metro Man collapses during a battle, leaving Megamind to figure out what’s going on

Pairings: None

Warnings: (Hint: What’s the name of the zodiac crab?)

Rating: PG

Beta: joanhello

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Poetry Serenade Chapter 2

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"As you see Miss Ritchi these mirrors reflect your inner most fears and triple them Metro Man will not be able to stop me when he is curled in a ball like a Terr-foed kitten its perfect"!

Megamind cackled as he turned to see her expression, it seemed like it was the same look of boredom on the surface. But, as he looked into her sky blue eyes he could he see a hint of fear? Megamind leaned in to closely examine her expression. Megamind shook his head and pulled back rolling away from her.

Nah, it was the same look of boredom. Megamind felt like yelling in frustration! Why can't he impress her? while its true the mirrors themselves do not actually project the fear, it is actually a special drug that he and Minion created that sprays around the mirror that creates the fear and it only works if you breath it in.

Megamind knew it would not work on Metro man this game was no longer about killing Metroman as he had foolishly lead the Metrocity citizens to believe its actually about impressing Roxanne. So far, neither he or Metroman have been successful.

It seems that fancy inventions and acts of heroics do not woo Roxanne. But, does seem as though she favors bravery which is a trait of heroics so she can't be totally against it so what does she look for in a man?

"What does then what makes your heartbeat rapidly in your chest, what makes you feel special"? Megamind wondered as he played around with the buttons that do not really do anything.

He just wanted to make it look like he was doing something when in reality he was looking at his beautiful captive that has stolen his heart.

"Damn Temptress!" He thought when he noticed what she was wearing she was wearing a blue dress with long black boots and her red lipstick with a hint of purple eye shadow making her blue eyes pop out it was hard for him to work with her looking so kissable it was not fair!

Why was she wearing those colors for as long as he had kidnapped her she tries to avoid wearing black and blue together and suddenly she wears this, what she is she up to? He wondered.

"Megamind, can we just cut to the part where you get beat up and get taken to jail because unlike you I have have a important job to get back to, I do not have time to deal with two children fighting in the playground". Roxanne said dryly

Megamind smirked and said, " Nonsense Miss Ritchi you are important part of this plan without you who can use as bait for Metro-Muhan then"?

Roxanne rolled her eyes and and said, " Megamind for the last time, I'm not- dating- Metro Man- okay"? she emphasized slowly She was tired of Megamind thinking she was into that egotistical jerk.

Megamind nodded internally and thought, " I know but, I need you, you might think I don't. Because, then the tempation to be with you will be too great. but sometimes I can't help it. You are the first person on this planet that does not hate me or treat me like some freak. He thought

Megamind was not stupid he knew that they were not dating,he just used that rumor as a exuse to kidnap her. If she was dating Metro man she would not keep her poems if she had a boyfriend with her.

" What ever you say Miss Ritchi". he said waving his hand in her general direction as he turned his back at her pretending to be disinterested and looking up at his new invention with pride in reality

Roxanne noticed how off he was today he seemed unfocued and seemed to be avioding her gaze which hurt her greatly even though she will not admit outloud she was quite fond of the blue alien man. He was fun to be around and he saved her from a boring press meeting about the ratings of the show.

Roxanne knew they got good views and its because of the alien standing in front of her she does not want to admit but without Megamind the Metro city would be a boring place to live in it would be too prediable.

Suddenly Minion tripped on the activation Wire and the mirrors repostioned themselves on to Megamind the gas from the mirrors exploded. Roxanne tried to hold her breath knowing it was not the mirrors that caused the fear but the gas.

Once the smoke cleared Roxanne heard a horrfied Megamind scream in agony and fear. Roxanne looked at Megamind with shock for the first time in her life she had no idea how to help. She was competely useless.

Minion looked at Megamind and gasped realizing his mistake but it was too late the effects of the gas started to take affect. Megamind trembled and shook like a scared kitten he curled into a ball and began sobbing.

"Minion let me go I need to help him"! Roxanne said as she struggled against the ropes waiting to help him, but she could not move she tried to pry the robes open with her teeth but she could not bite through them.

Just then Metro Man burst in through the walls and began to take in the siutation in front him he saw Roxanne struggle against the robes try helpign a trembling Megamind. Metro Man scooped Megamind up and used his laser vision to release Roxanne.

"Roxanne what happened here" Metro Man as Watched Megamind relieve his worst fears and painful memories right before their eyes.

"Their is no time to explain we have to take him to the hopstial to get that stuff out of him he was sprayed with some kind of fear gas and I can not stand seeing Megamind like this, its not right". Roxanne said sadly as she tried to hide her tears from Metroman.

"He can't go to the hopstial Miss Ritchi they do not have the cure of the gas only Sir does and its back under the lair I have to take him with me if you ever hope to see him normal again." Minion said with Guilt this was his fault if he could only watch where he was going this would have never happened.

Metroman nodded and said, "You go and watch him Roxie I will try to come up with some lie to cover for you just make sure the little buddy is okay". I will let him off with a warning this time".

Roxanne hugged MetroMan and said, "Thank you Wayne, you truly are the best hero Metro has ever had.". Roxanne let him and rushed over my Megamind's side holding his and as Minion rushed him into the elevador.

Minion placed Megamind on the emergency strecher and carried him into the emergency elevador. He pushed a button off to the side. That was labeled extreme emergency button do not touch unless its a serious emergency.

Roxanne looked at the button with a raised eyebrow. If the situation were not so serious she would have laughed a bit. Roxanne frowned as she looked down at Megamind's conditon he was sweating and screaming every five minutes as if he was having a terrible nightmare. Roxanne did not want to admit it but this might have worked very well against Metroman.

Once they reached their desination it was revealed to be Megamind's room Minion set him down and cut open the top half of his suit Making Roxanne turn a way with a hint of pink dusting her cheeks for a few seconds before she watched Minion pull out a veil with some kind of needle.

Minion placed the needle in Megamind's neck. Megamind screams subsided but he was still sweating. Roxanne pulled out a hand towel from the bathroom and tabbed it with cold water.

Just then something caught her eye it was a notebook. On his nightstand curious Roxanne reached over and pulled it out.

January 1, 2009

Happy New year Dairy! As you can probably tell, I'm 27 now wow time goes by fast doesn't it? Anyway I kidnapped Roxanne and I suprised her by having us watch the twlight zone marathon. She fell asleep on me so I took her home instead of Minion. I left before that nosy fish could question my intentions.

As I placed Roxanne on her bed I stood their and watched her sleep for at least a hour I do not know why I did but for some reason I could not let go the crush I have on her. I remember punching some guys nose in high shool because Metro dosh had asked her first.

Why can't I stop thinking about her. She is always on my mind no what I do everytime i try to forget about she keeps invading my brillant mind.

Roxanne stroked the page as a few tears casaded down her face as she looked back at the entry and the man that wrote it. He has liked her all along all this time she thought the reason he kidnapped her was because he thought she was metroman's girlfirend. He really did care.

She could not bare to look at another entry any other day she would have died to find evidence like this. Evidence that Megamind was not as bad as people paint him out to be. But, not today. Today it was too painful to look at.

She also noticed a crumpled piece of paper near the dairy. IT was a slip of paper written in perfect curve. But, it was not the curve that mad her gasp. She knew this handwriting. Megamind was the one who had been leaving those poems.

Minion observed Megamind and Roxanne from a distance his mouth forming a sad bitter sweet smile. All this time Megamind has tried to gain Roxanne's affections but what he did not know was he already had them all along.

He could tell they both cared about each other greatly, if the world were fair they would be together but unfortunately the bad guy does not get the girl no matter how nice they might be inside.

"Come on Miss Ritchi let me take you home, since sir is out cold i will not use the spray this time". Minion said as he grabbed her arm trying to help her up but she swatted his hand away.

"No, I do not want to go I want to help him Minion, I can not just go home knowing Megamind is like this please let me stay". Roxanne said

Minion sighed with defeat and said, "Fine, there is a guest room across the way you can stay there he should be awake by next week his body is going into hyper sleep to recover".

Roxanne had no idea what hyper sleep was but if she had to guess the shot Minion gave him put Megamind in a coma like state. To help him sleep off the affects of the gas. She hoped he was going to be okay. Her life would not be as fun without Megamind around to wreck it.

Roxanne bent down and gave Megamind a quick peck on the cheek and said, " You better get well soon, or I will beat you senseless until you do wake up".
Title: Safe If We Stand Close Together
Author: setepenre_set
Summary: AU. Roxanne attends 'Lil Gifted School.
Rating: T for this chapter (violence and language)
Warnings: none
tumblr ao3 ffn

They have to stay in the Bad Corner until gym class, and then Miss Simmons makes them go outside with everyone else.

It’s a cold day; Miss Simmons, who is wearing a thin cotton shirt, shivers and tells them to go ahead and start the game and then she goes back into the schoolhouse to get her sweater.

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Title: Safe If We Stand Close Together
Author: setepenre_set
Summary: AU. Roxanne attends 'Lil Gifted School.
Rating: K+
Warnings: none
tumblr ao3 ffn

On Thursday, Tommy asks if he can sit with Syx and Roxanne during lunch.

Roxanne hesitates. Tommy is pretty quiet, usually. He hasn’t ever said anything mean to her or Syx to their faces, she knows. He still joins in when everybody laughs at Syx, but—

—people can change, right? There’s good in everyone and everybody deserves a second chance.

Roxanne looks over at Syx. He’s regarding Tommy through narrowed eyes, but when he catches Roxanne’s gaze, he gives a hesitant nod.

“Okay,” Roxanne says.

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Title: Safe If We Stand Close Together
Author: setepenre_set
Summary: AU. Roxanne attends 'Lil Gifted School.
Rating: K+
Warnings: none
tumblr ao3 ffn lj

"A sleepover?" Roxanne's dad takes a bite of his cornflakes. "Sure, kiddo; don't see why not."

Roxanne grins and pours a second helping of Fruity Marshmallow Krispies into her own cereal bowl. Operation: Get Dad to Agree to a Sleepover With Syx Since Mom Won't has been successfully implemented.

She picks up her spoon and quickly begins to devour the cereal; it goes all soggy and gloppy if you leave it in the milk too long. For a couple of minutes, Roxanne and her dad eat in silence.

"Dad," Roxanne says after a while, "people deserve second chances, don't they?"

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Title: Safe If We Stand Close Together
Author: setepenre_set
Summary: AU. Roxanne attends 'Lil Gifted School.
Rating: K+
Warnings: none

“What would you like to do,” Roxanne’s mother asks at breakfast, “for your birthday party, this year, sweetheart? It’s still a while away, but I thought we should start planning early. I know it falls on one of your father’s weekends, so I was thinking you could have something here the weekend before.”
Roxanne shrugs and stirs her eggs with her fork, mixing the yolk with the white. Her mother takes another drink of coffee.
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Title: Safe If We Stand Close Together
Author: setepenre_set
Summary: AU. Roxanne attends 'Lil Gifted School.
Rating: K+
Warnings: none
tumblr ao3 ffn

The bus ride home is sort of terrible.
Syx doesn’t take the regular bus; he gets picked up by the prison bus, so Roxanne has to sit alone. That isn’t so very bad; she got used to it when she first befriended Syx. She knows now to sit at the front of the bus, where it’s safest—the back is where Wayne and the ‘cool’ kids congregate. They’ve never done anything to her, exactly, but they say things that she really doesn’t want to listen to all the way home.

What’s really awful is the note that Miss Simmons sent home for Roxanne to give to her parents.
A disciplinary note.
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Fic: Safe If We Stand Close Together

Title: Safe If We Stand Close Together
Author: setepenre_set
Summary: AU. Roxanne attends 'Lil Gifted School.
Rating: K+
Warnings: none

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The deadline for the Secret Santa gift exchange and the card exchange was last night at midnight EST and the lists for both events are out and on their way to those who participated! Unfortunately the Secret Santa gift exchange is now closed, but if anyone still wants to join in the card exchange, I'll be happy to forward your info to the other participants and send the master list to you! I'll take late entries for the card exchange all the way up until December 23rd at midnight EST because after all, even a late card is always appreciated! :D If you still want to join in the card exchange, please send me a PM with your name, address, and an e-mail address to which I can send the master list of addresses. Thanks to everyone participating in the Secret Santa gift exchange and card exchange, and I hope that more of you can join in the fun of the card exchange! Happy holidays, everyone!!! <333

Secret Santa and Gift Card Exchange

Yep, that's right -- it's that time again! Time to share the joy and warmth of the holidays with the Secret Santa Gift Exchange and Holiday Card Exchange! :D I don't know how many people even visit this site any more but this is an event that has been popular in the past and I'm not about to let the tradition die! This community deserves a Mega-awesome holiday and we're going to make it one! :D But before I get to the rules etc. I need to call attention to one very important rule first:

Only sign up to participate if you intend and are able to send something in return. Let me put this another way as well: If you plan to receive something, send something. It is VERY unfair to everyone else if you sign up to participate, receive gifts and/or cards, but send out nothing. Now I understand that sometimes Life doesn't play out as we might wish; we may sign up fully intending to participate but then emergencies come up or paychecks fall through or any of a hundred different things that might force us to change our plans arise and that's fine -- BUT if something like this happens, please let me know BEFORE the e-mails go out, ESPECIALLY if you're participating in the Gift Exchange. It's only fair to ALL involved that if they spend their time and money (a luxury many of us may not have) to send out a gift to someone that they should have the joy of receiving one as well. If you sign up to participate, please hold up your end of the deal and send something out -- or at least let me know before the participation deadline (Friday, December 4) that you can no longer participate so I can make sure everyone gets paired off with someone and no one gets left out. Let's make this fair and fun for all! :D Thank you.

OK, now, on to the fun! Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of country! I don't want to restrict this to the U.S. only; everyone is welcome to spread some holiday cheer! So don't let your location hinder you -- we'll have participants from all over the globe! Participation is simple! (As both the Secret Santa gift exchange and holiday card exchange require physical addresses to which stuff can be mailed, please get permission from your parents to participate if necessary. Thank you!) Here's how it works:

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And there you have it! This should be easy enough to organize, and loads of fun to participate in! I, myself, will be participating in both the Secret Santa gift exchange and the card exchange! Let the fun begin! :D Happy Holidays, Everyone! <3

Fan Fic: Escape Plan 145b Update

Ok, because formatting was a pain last time and most people don't use this site very often anymore, I'm just going to post links up to my accounts where chapter 2 is up. You can find my storys on fanfiction.net and on AO3.

I must admit most of this has been written while very sleep deprived because of a sucky work schedule. I'm going to just pretend it's to get in character better, though.


Fan Fic: Escape Plan 145b

I don't know how many people still use this, but seeing how reading through all these archives a few years ago had been such a joy, and how finding out so many other people loved Megamind as much as I did... Well I've been pushing myself to actually be post things and contribute instead of being a silent ghost, so I'm gonna throw this up here too.

Never posted on live journal before, just fyi for if my formatting sucks.

Title: Escape Plan 145b Ch 1
Author: Sam (SilverSpiderArt)
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, Masturbation, References to Alien Biology
Summary: Pre-Movie, AU-ish: Injured after his latest battle with Metro Man, Megamind is returned to prison where he finds that the Warden has changed the rules.

Ch 1 (152 hours)Collapse )
Holy BALLS it's been a while since I posted here.  From the look of things, it's been a while since anyone has!

Ah well.


(j/k, i love you)

(but it is crappy as all get-out)

Art update!

Gonna be posting this under a cut, cause I am gonna try to post all the Megamind related art I've done in the past three years. Three years! That's how long it's been since my last post, can you believe it? D:

That said, I actually have a fair amount of art in here. I don't know if it's every single thing I've done since 2012, but I imagine it's most of it. So! Obvious warning, this will be a very image heavy post! Aside from that though, everything in here is PG-13 and under, so it's... mostly safe for work haha, barring a few recent additions I did for laughs. Enjoy!

edit: hmmm this may or may not be working. the journal might be too image heavy? I will fix this! just... not immediately cause I am way too tired haha


Megamind animations! :D

Okay so the last two are really sketchy made and didnt really put that much time into it, but the first one took a while longer since I had to draw every single frame along with colouring and double shading and shit D:
But anyways its tons of fun and I will defeniently make more! >8D

Im new Here!

Well, Hey everyone! im MegamindRules! but you can call me Missy! Im new here, and im a huge! Megamind fan! My Favorite Chariters Are Megamind, Roxanne, and Minion :P anyway thanks for letting me join your community :D

Megamind/Hercules crossover comic

A silly Hercules/Megamind crossover I doodled up based on cayliana‘s MAD GENIUS text post (and margoteve’s and weaving-lyrical-magic‘s additions) here


Click below for the full comic!

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Feedback welcomed, haha! :D

(Cross-posted on my Tumblr here)

Poetry Serenade Chapter 1

Introduction : This is so random, I wrote this impulsively without thinking about it, this is so corny but I happen to love corny love stories and this is no exception. Another fluffy Roxanne/Megamind fic.Read more...Collapse )

"Take a deep breath, close your eyes and see the world through my eyes, as you look remember me I will love you for eternity and when you sing I listen close and hope you sing my name and in the chilling rain, I wait for you to come find me again,"

Roxanne sighed as she looked down at the collection of love poems lately some mysterious stranger has sent these to her and although she did not know him she could not help but feel flattered by how this person saw her.

This has been going on for three years and yet she still had no clue who could have sent them, its not like many guys approach her mostly because they are afraid to be on the receiving end of Metro Man's punches.

Roxanne gave up trying to tell people the truth the media did not see things through her perspective to them Metroman was perfect and had no flaws and she had to be crazy to reject him or his affections.

But, as handsome as Metro Man was he also egotistical, selfish he only wanted to come hero to be acknowledged and admired not to help innocent people. And if she were perfectly honest a bit of an idiot he was not the brightest bulb in the house.

She did like him let alone love him, she always fancied intelligent nerdy guys to make things even more complicated the guy she does have feelings for happens to be the city's super villain and has far she knows he believes she is dating Metroman too so it could not be him.

Even though she hopes it is him. But, she doubted that Megamind was this sweet or romantic. Roxanne gets glimpses of what laid behind his villain persona and when she does she could not help but skip a few beats when he reveals more of himself and little by little she began to fall for those little glimpses.

Roxanne could not help but feel special when Megamind reveals something about himself because she gets the honor of knowing the truth of his past. Many had tried to guess his origins, how he came to be. But, most of the books theories were so untrue that they were almost laughable.

Some claim that because Megamind is isolated and socially unstable it means that he holds no attraction or interest in other people . But, Roxanne knew that Megamind was far from it.

Because, on one of the times he had kidnapped her she was wearing a very short dress that exposed a little too much leg, when she was tied to the chair and she could see the purple coloring Megamind's cheeks as he tried to look anywhere but her legs.

Roxanne could not help but feel a rush of adrenaline when she noticed his bright green eyes darken a little when there eyes met she felt empowered as a woman the very fact that she could get that kind of reaction from Megamind who was normally calm and collect and seemed to be expert at masking his emotions made her feel special.

She could tell he felt the same way she did, because when she flirted with him he usually responded with his own response that made her heart quicken. She loved it when he called her Temptress, she loved how he always checked up on her to make sure Minion got her home safely.

You could call it a silly crush, or Stockholm syndrome. But, to her this felt real. Roxanne could not help but read these poems and look out the window and looked at the moon clutching the slips of paper close to chest and wondered what Megamind was doing, if he was awake or a sleep if he was happy or sad.

What did he do at night? Did he have trouble sleeping at night, did he get nightmares ? Did he ever think about her and if he did, did he feel the same as she did or was what she was feeling required.

Roxanne could not help but look at the slips of paper and thought, " I will find out who you are, and when I find you I will wrap my arms around you and never let go..."

Megamind had stayed up all night staring at the blank pages in the journal as he wrote every single syllable with all his heart and soul after all he wanted to impress her, she was on his mind every minute of everyday he could not help but smile at the thought of Roxanne.

He knew he could never accurately describe what he felt for her but these poems helped he always asked Minion to place the slips of paper near her nightstand where she could happily read them. He could tell she enjoyed them...or at least he hoped she did.

Maybe she was creeped out by them? He did not know, but surely if they made her uncomfortable she would throw them out right? Minion had informed him that she had a small box near her nightstand where he usually puts the poems.

Megamind could not help but feel his heart flutter at the thought of her reading them late at night clutching them to her chest. He knew that underneath all that sassy Reporter attitude was a woman who had painful experiences with men she deserved to feel special.

Megamind was not sure if Roxanne was truly dating Metroman or not, that is why he created these poems in hope that if she did not already have a man in her life he could be there admiring her from afar.

Once he was finished with the next seven poems one for each week, he stretched in his chair and yawned he had stayed up all night trying to plan out his next plot and finishing up the poems.

Megamind rolled out his chair trying to avoid the ocean of crumpled rejected poems and plans and then slowly drifted off thinking of Roxanne and of her beautiful smile and her gorgeous blue eyes.


Roleplay, Anyone?

For all those poor souls who lurk and do not know better just yet - any kind of roleplayer is still very welcome to join forces with the RP group on Tumblr.

As things are now, Metro City is a place where tons of universes clash together and characters from anywhere come and go via portals on an everyday basis. There are multiple Megaminds, female and male versions of Metro Man and a ton of OC's, crowding the place. To keep track of everything, I set up an archive blog to gather the most important things you'll need, like

  • a list of available characters to play with

  • resources that will help you to set up a blog, inspire you and improve your writing

  • a meme archive where you shall find plot ideas that suit your character

  • a general rules page for everyone who doesn't have one on their blog

  • a how to get into the AIM ropleplay chat room post to plot with others

I'm working on the blog with some other fandom members, but most things are still in the making; especially the resources page. As substitute, there is a wonderful collection of helpful resources on our Megamind RP Wikia which all fandom members work on at once.

The plotCollapse )
Hey Guys! I was playing with autodesk on my tablet and I wanted to show you. It's not perfect but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Art under cut...

MegsCollapse )

Megamind and Roxanne- comic/ serie :D

So woah finally done with this lil short serie thingy! I know the story is a lil bit dark, but what if Megamind actually snapped like that? And a long time ago I read some fanfictions of Megamind possibly being suicidal sooo.... 8D
I hope the text is readable D:

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