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Fanfic: 'Versatile'

Title: "Versatile"
Author: toshi_hakari
Word Count: 2764
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Metro Man/Megamind/Roxanne
Warnings: PWP, creampie, also Megamind with both male as well as female genitalia.

Note: This was written especially for filthy_animal. Originally it was meant for her birthday, but I'm a lazy bum and now it's my special christmas present for her as well as the comm. I didn't have time to proofread this for grammar, so if you find any grave mistakes, please do let me know so I can edit :) *hides in her cave again*

'Of all the things I expected for my birthday, this DEFINITELY wasn't on the list' Megamind thought as he felt his girlfriend, Roxanne Ritchi, kissing a trail up the side of his neck while the arms of his former arch enemy, Metro Man, wound around his waist and traveled south.

'Mental notice: Expect the extraordinary the next time Roxanne mentions a "surprise" for my birthday' he continued the train of thought whilst Roxanne nibbled on his earlobe. In the meantime, Metro Man had found what he had been looking for and pressed his hand against Megamind's crotch only to react with a bemused smirk and a curious sound that the blue-skinned alien couldn't quite place.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" he hummed, his voice a low grumble in his throat. "It seems like this villain has kept something a secret from us…" he tutted, his head turned towards Roxanne.

Roxanne laughed softly. "Well, not from me. I'm a reporter, have you forgotten about that? I get my hands…" she paused meaningfully, while locking eyes with her supervillain boyfriend, "…on all the juicy details before the public does." Roxanne cupped Megamind's face carefully, turning it softly to her side while stroking his cheek gently with her fingertips before kissing him. Megamind moaned against her lips, giving her the opportunity to explore his mouth with her tongue. Roxanne would be surprised by his taste with each and every kiss, a sweet flavor, that also hid a hint of zest, so completely unique and unlike anything else.

"Come on, now, Roxanne, you cannot keep him all to yourself. Share some." Metro Man said with a playfully mocking voice and a smile on his face. He tipped his right index finger against his left wrist, his eyebrows waggling suggestively. "We haven't got all day, you know."

Roxanne smirked and shot him a promising look. She removed her hands from Megamind and watched as a look of utter confusion and apprehensiveness crossed her boyfriend's face.

"Roxanne? Wh-what…?" he started, but didn't manage to finish his sentence as Roxanne pressed her index finger to his lips to silence him.

"Shh, don't worry, darling, it's alright. Just relax and let Metro Man take care of you. After all… it's all about you today."

She kissed him once more and then moved over to the side of the bed, her gaze never leaving Megamind.

"Well then… shall we begin?" he asked playfully and Megamind, who kept his eyes on the floor, nodded gently, too shy to actually look him in the eyes.

Megamind gasped when he felt Metro Man's arms wrap around his small frame to pick him up and he started blushing furiously when he was pressed to the other man's chest in a secure grip. He walked over to the large, king-sized bed and laid him down on the black and blue bedsheets.

Metro Man first unfastened the shiny, golden M that served as his belt buckle and let it fall to the floor with a clatter, then he removed the pants and shirt he was wearing, before climbing on the bed on all fours, hovering over Megamind, who looked like a deer in the headlights.

"There's no need to be nervous", Metro Man said, his voice causing Megamind to shiver, then he bent down and started kissing his neck. Megamind whimpered when the other man licked a trail on his sensitive skin while his hands found their way underneath his clothes and removed them one by one.

When Megamind finally lay bare before him, Metro Man took his time to admire the sight. Despite being a male member of his alien race, Megamind seemed to possess female genitalia, clearly resembling a human woman's vulva, save for the absence of hair.

"Intriguing… let's see what kind of nice little responses I can get from it… " he mused, then he put his middle finger into his mouth and sucked on it to coat it with saliva. He let his finger slide out of his mouth with a faint 'pop' and placed it at the beginning of the thin slit that had a softly glowing, purplish color. Megamind hissed when he felt Metro Man's touch, his sex responding immediately to the other man's finger trailing down along it's length. The two thin lips of flesh started to produce moisture and parted, revealing an opening.

Metro Man immediately circled the hole softly, one, two, three times, before thrusting inside. Megamind moaned loudly, his back arching, as his former arch enemy stroked his inner walls. After a couple of minutes, he added a second and third finger, as Megamind's organ seemed to expand. Judging from the volume of his his moans and the obvious enjoyment he derived from it, Metro Man started fingering him more quickly and intensely.

"M-Metro Man-, ah!-, wait-, i-if you continue to do it like that, I'll-" Megamind moaned, but he couldn't finish the sentence as his orgasm washed over him and his sex contracted rhythmically around Metro Man's fingers. Just when Metro Man thought it was over and bent down to say something to Megamind, the latter gave another moan, more akin to a squeal, as a clear liquid shot out of his organ in short spurts and hit Metro Man right across the face.

There was a moment of silence, then Megamind shrieked and hid his face in his hands amidst a constant flood of "OhmygodohmygodohmygodI'msosorryI'msosorryI'msosorry!". Metro Man, who had undoubtedly been surprised by that outcome, started smiling and turned to Roxanne, who in the meantime had taken a seat on a chair to watch them, her expression one of bemused shock.

"Did you just-" Metro Man started, but Megamind gave another, embarrassed scream and drowned his voice beneath it. Even with his face hidden like that, Metro Man could still see that he was blushing furiously. So much so, that he was afraid Megamind might overheat.

"Roxanne, our boy has hidden quite a few things from us. I have to admit that I'm kinda proud. For once he really was ahead of us." he said and smirked, while the former villain started whimpering.

"Oh come on, there's no reason to be ashamed!" Metro Man said, grasping Megamind's wrists and pulling his hands away from his face so that he could finally look at him. Aside from the beet red color, he could see that tiny tears had begun to pool in his eyes, making it evident that Megamind was probably very, very close to crying.

"B-b-b-b-b-but…" he stammered, but Metro Man quickly silenced him with a kiss, giving him a good taste of himself in the process. When he pulled away from him, he smiled.

"I'm serious when I say that what happened is totally fine. In fact, you probably haven't even realized just how much of a turn on that just was…" he added, his voice deep and husky.

To say that Megamind was surprised at hearing that was a severe understatement. Hesitantly, his eyes wandered down south inch by inch, occasionally traveling back to Metro Man's face in between, until he finally saw the unshakeable proof of his words.

„...oh.“ was all he could utter upon catching sight of Metro Man's throbbing erection. He was slightly smaller than Megamind had expected, but nevertheless still impressive. There was a steady flow of clear drops of precum from the tip which trickled onto the sheets of the bed.

„I don't think we're finished yet, so let us not spoil the mood and continue“ Metro Man said, looking at Megamind expectantly. Megamind nodded and that was all the encouragement his former arch enemy needed. With his right hand around the length of his cock, fingers right below the base of the head, Metro Man positioned himself at Megamind's entrance, gently circling it with the tip, which elicited a shiver from the other man.
After crawling forward, putting his hands on either side of Megamind's head and Metro Man entered him in one swift thrust.

Megamind threw his head back, a long moan leaving his mouth. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see Roxanne, her panties pulled down, fingers on her clitoris, rubbing in small but frantic movements to the sight of her boyfriend and Metro City's ex-savior having sex.

Metro Man immediately started a hard and fast rhythm, one that reduced Megamind to a moaning, panting mess. The sound of Metro Man grunting next to his ear and the faint noises of pleasure from Roxanne from across the room completely filled his ears, merging together into a steady melody of ecstasy.

Desperately in need of holding on to something, Megamind grasped onto Metro Man's sturdy shoulders. Somewhere in the back of his mind he felt like he should try and actively move as well, instead of just being passively pounded into the mattress, but the other man's nearly overwhelming power rendered him useless.
After a couple of thrusts, Metro Man grabbed Megamind's thin legs and put them on his shoulder to allow him a better angle to penetrate deeper.

„Aaaah-!“ Megamind moaned when Metro Man hit a delicate spot deep inside him that made him see white.

„Oooh, you like that, don't you? You're such a filthy little thing...“ Metro Man uttered, his words more akin to a whispered moan into Megamind's ear, spiking his arousal.

„I'm going to make you come so hard, you won't be able to walk for days...“ he added and Megamind mewled weakly. Metro Man started picking up the pace and Megamind realized that his breathing had become faster, his groans louder and his movements slightly more erratic. It was evident that he was close to orgasm, just as much as Megamind was.

Just a few more frantic thrusts and Megamind climaxed, his sexual organ contracting hard around Metro Man's cock, bringing about his own release. With a hissed „Oh shit-“ that was cut short by a long, low moan, Metro Man threw his head back and succumbed to the overwhelming wave of pleasure that swept over his body.

Semen shot out of him in quick, but copious spurts, making Megamind give a loud groan as soon as they hit his inner walls. Over and over, he felt the hot, gooey fluid gushing into him and pooling in his center. With each spurt he felt fuller, his belly starting to protrude ever so slightly with the plethora of sperm. It was such a thrill. Such a naughty and dirty thing to do. He absolutely loved it and wanted more.

Eventually, however, Metro Man's orgasm subsided and with it, his ejaculation. Desperate to get the last everything down to the last drop, Megamind contracted his pelvic muscles, effectively milking Metro Man's penis which responded to the stimulation with a couple of last splashes before there was nothing left.

Spent, Metro Man pulled out of Megamind and almost immediately, the latter could feel his former arch enemy's semen flow out of him. The delicious sensation of the thick substance gliding past some of his most sensitive nerve endings gave him another rush of ecstasy, but as soon as he fully realized that all of it would spill out, he nearly panicked.
He didn't want that irresistible feeling to end.

Frantically, he clamped his legs together in an attempt to keep the liquid in, but it still came gushing out.

„Aaah no, no, no-!“ he moaned, as quite a vast stream shot out of him and dripped down the bed. It was no use. Nothing he did held back the steady flow and almost as soon as he had been filled up to the brim, he had already emptied out again.

„...wow. I never would have expected you to be so into that.“ Metro Man said, after watching the whole scene with incredulous fascination. Before Megamind could even remotely be embarrassed by it or by the fact that his former rival and his girlfriend had both watched him get a kick out of being creampied, Roxanne was already next to him, having left all of her clothes thrown on the chair on which she had been sitting, as well as the floor. She kissed Megamind as she swung her left leg over Megamind's, straddling him by the hips.

„Am I just getting ignored over here?“ Metro Man said, looking at both of them with puppy dog eyes. Roxanne drew away from Megamind and raised her eyebrows at him.

„Excuse you, mister 'I want to be the first', I think you had enough fun with my boyfriend there, wouldn't you say so?“ she said and wagged her index finger in front of his face.
„You had your turn. Now it's mine.“

„But wait, how are you going to-“ he started, but Roxanne interrupted him swiftly.

„Oh, don't you know? Megamind has another secret you don't know about yet. So sit back, watch and learn.“

Metro Man moved over to the empty side of the bed and watched intently as Roxanne shifted her position back a bit to sit on Megamind's thighs. With the index and middle finger of her left hand, she slid between the folds and lightly applied pressure to a spot that lay directly underneath what Megamind's equivalent of a human woman's mons pubis would be. Almost within seconds, the top part of the folds parted and a blue penis emerged from seemingly out of nowhere.

„Unbelievable...“ Metro Man muttered.

„See? I told you that he's got some interesting things in store for us...“ Roxanne giggled before turning to Megamind who had already seemed to have recovered from earlier, bent down and whispered: „Now I will show you a good time.“

Roxanne lifted herself up and positioned herself right over the purplish tip, then she lowered herself slowly until Megamind's penis was buried up to the hilt inside her. She wrapped her hands around Megamind's and led them to her breasts, pressing his palms into them as she started to move.

Transfixed, Metro Man watched the two being intimate with each other without any inhibitions to to him looking on.

Megamind softly pinched her nipples and then rolled them between his fingers, all while continuing to caress her breasts gently. He moved his hands away for a moment to push himself into an upright position to lean forward and take one of her nipples into his mouth to suck on it.

Roxanne gave a small moan and Megamind smiled, then he continued to lap at her. After a short while, he let it slide out of his mouth with a wet sound, then he circled the other one with his tongue. Meanwhile, Roxanne set the pace, elevating herself, then thrusting back down, impaling herself again and again on Megamind's cock.

Megamind's fingers wandered down, along the side of Roxanne's breasts, down her waist, passing her hips and finally came to rest on her clit. His touch was feathery light at first, then increased in pressure until he made Roxanne moan louder, which let him know he was doing it right.

Despite climaxing not too long ago, the fact that Megamind possessed both male and female sexual organs meant that they were independent of each other and able to reach orgasm shortly after each other. Perhaps even at the same time, though Megamind had never tried it before and therefore wasn't sure whether or not it could be done.

The heat that had been spreading through his body now pooled excessively in his groin. He wasn't too far away again, but to him, Roxanne came first. Literally as well as figuratively.

He moved his fingers faster and more vigorously and Roxanne gave a high-pitched squeal.

„W-what are you doing?“ she uttered between moans.

„Do you really think I'd let you make me come first?“ he responded and kissed her. „I don't derive pleasure without yours.“

Megamind put his hands on her hips and drove inside her hard before pulling almost all the way out and thrusting back in. He repeated it over and over until Roxanne shivered and arched her back with a loud moan, being pushed over the brink to orgasm. Megamind managed a last few thrusts before he, too, came with a groan.

With the last shudder of her climax, Roxanne rolled off of Megamind, laying on her back for a moment to try and catch her breath, then she snuggled up to her boyfriend. She planted a soft kiss on his cheek and whispered „Happy Birthday, darling.“


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Dec. 26th, 2013 06:53 am (UTC)

Thank you Toshi!! Aaaaaaaaaaa I'll be in my bunk |D

I'll reblog your post on tumblr tomorrow to make sure folks see it xD thank you thank you thank you~! [squeezehug]
Dec. 26th, 2013 11:06 am (UTC)
Ahahahaha, omg *blushes* I'm glad you like it, darling! :D

*rehugs* <333
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