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Hey Guys! I was playing with autodesk on my tablet and I wanted to show you. It's not perfect but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Art under cut...

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Megamind and Roxanne- comic/ serie :D

So woah finally done with this lil short serie thingy! I know the story is a lil bit dark, but what if Megamind actually snapped like that? And a long time ago I read some fanfictions of Megamind possibly being suicidal sooo.... 8D
I hope the text is readable D:

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Art that I didn't just scribble down at 2am! I'm actually proud of this one. The background was so fun. ^^




How are my babs? Filthy, anyone, you still here. I know, I know, you ran away to tumblr and stuff. Well, I just wanted to give people newplacesto stalk me. Like DA and FA and tweetyplace

I dun like tumblr, but I miss you all ;.;

Maybe I will draw Megs soon to rekindle my love.Though I do still love the movie, watched and thought of all you. SO COME VISIT AND LET ME LOVE YOUUUUU!

New Megs and Roxanne drawingsss 8D

So I've tried to draw some drawings on Megamind and Roxanne lately and I just recently joined livejournal (yes even though most of the megamind fans moved to tumblr) so well UH. idk I really want this page to start grinding that gear right up tight again SO PLZ LETS MAKE THIS AS ACTIVE AS POSSIBLE *SCREAMS*
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I havn't been on here in at least five months and it has become apparent to me that there are not as many posts being made as there used to be.....? I have found some of you on tumblr but it seems a bit baren over here in LJ. Are all of you still using this site to post fanfics, fanart, etc.? Did you guys move to another site? I'm a little distressed because I hope this fandom hasn't died out, im still really passionate about this movie and I hope everyone else is too. I miss coming on here and looking at all the posts.

Megamind one-shot -Behind the mask

Title : Behind the mask( one-shot)

rating :G

written by : firecrystal1092

Summary : A pre-movie one shot.The first time Megamind's evil mask crumples around Roxanne

Sometimes a crush blossoms from the idea of someone caring about you, and putting their needs first before yours.

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Hey guys! Been a fan of the movie since I saw it in theaters, sucked up all the good fanfiction off of fanfiction.net and despaired at the dying fandom. Little did I know, you weren't dead... YOU WERE ALL RIGHT HERE! You all packed up your fanfiction and fanart and took it with you to a new apartment! You have no idea how happy I am to know this community exists. And hopefully you'll be happy to hear that I'm planning plenty of fanfiction!

I've already written a few short ones, which you can check out at https://www.fanfiction.net/u/2445796/OhHowDelightfullyDreadful
Hey, guys. I know it's been a while since I updated this story but I've decided I'm not ready to call it quits. I think I've finally got a good layout for this story and im ready to finish it. It's been a long time coming. Some of you might not even remember it, but thats okay because I'll add the links to the other two chapters. I'm excited to start writing again, but mind you, it's been a few months. I might be a little rusty. I'll stop blabbing now and let you continue to the story.

Title: My Subconscious Likes Dish Soap
Author: Felicity
Chapter: 3
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Pre-movie. Roxanne wakes up to a noise in her apartment. She gets up and heads to her living room. The sight that awaits her when she rounds the corner is not one she would have expected.

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i've looked around here a bit and just want to discuss about a sequel coming up, and I know that it dosen't going to be a sequel but come on it's going to be a "how to train your dragon 3" and we can't just let them go whit only one megamind movie, everybody on this site want one or is that to much for dreamworksanimation. Just discuss in the comments below.


Hi guys! Me agian, I just want to know what age you are because I want to know what people I writing to. I'm thirteen anyways and my birthday was actually yesterday.

Unused Storyboard: Alternative Minion

Here's a storyboard from when Minion was envisioned as a cheerful little human guy. This has some really funny stuff in here, a vehicle crashing into the parked invisible car, and Minion having to pick up his daughter Jenny with Megamind, as well as the about-to-be transformed Hal stuck in the back. Er...it'll make more sense when you see it.

Of course, I simply can't imagine Minion any other way than as a talking fish atop a robot suit, but this storyboard has some good stuff.

Here's another little video showing a couple of clips, including Minion trying out a few lines that don't appear in the movie. I like to think of him as auditioning for the role! You know, the producers sitting around a table and telling him. "Mm-hm, good, you sound good, now try these lines." Clearly I think about these things way too much lol.

Here is a real gem: a deleted scene from inside the invisible car! Only about ten seconds long, but it's pure gold. Discovered by some wonderful fans over on Tumblr, I'm merely passing it along... but seriously, Megamind is so dang cute. The clip also has some other stuff, so enjoy!



Hi! It's me agian. I know I'm just very into this but I'm new here and have just been a fan of Megamind. I have draw a fanart of the de-gun so I just have to show you it. Read more...Collapse )

Some pictures

Hi! I have some pictures from the movie on the de-gun so i want to share it with you. (It's not the best quality but whatever.) "Read more...Collapse )

RP Request for Megamind's Mother

Hey community!
I apologize. I didn't die.
Just mostly on Tumblr and aim the majority of the time.

And I have a request
I currently rp as Megamind's father in the rp community, and there is currently no one rp'ing as Megamind's mother, and I would really like someone to rp with him.

If you think you'd be interested and are on Tumblr, you can send me a message at:


Or I am also on Deviantart as

If you're on neither of those, I'll also try to keep myself updated on the comments on this.
Thanks guys!


Merry Christmas! :D

Just a quick little note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas (or Christmoose/Kurismas, take your pick :P)! I hope you're all having a wonderful time and your holidays are filled with joy and happiness! <3

Happy Birthday Megamind

Happy Birthday Megamind, today many years ago you saw your parents for the first time and 8 days later you saw them the last time.
The deadline for the Secret Santa gift exchange and the card exchange was last night at midnight EST and the lists for both events are out and on their way to those who participated! Unfortunately the Secret Santa gift exchange is now closed, but if anyone still wants to join in the card exchange, I'll be happy to forward your info to the other participants and send the master list to you! I'll take late entries for the card exchange all the way up until December 23rd at midnight EST because after all, even a late card is always appreciated! :D If you still want to join in the card exchange, please send me a PM with your name, address, and an e-mail address to which I can send the master list of addresses. Thanks to everyone participating in the Secret Santa gift exchange and card exchange, and I hope that more of you can join in the fun of the card exchange! Happy holidays, everyone!!! <333

Secret Santa and Gift Card Exchange!

Yep, that's right -- it's that time again! Time to share the joy and warmth of the holidays with the Secret Santa Gift Exchange and Holiday Card Exchange! :D I don't know how many people even visit this site any more but this is an event that has been popular in the past and I'm not about to let the tradition die! This community deserves a Mega-awesome holiday and we're going to make it one! :D But before I get to the rules etc. I'm afraid this year I need to call attention to one very important rule first:

Only sign up to participate if you intend and are able to send something in return. Let me put this another way as well: If you plan to receive something, send something. I don't usually like to highlight this rule but sadly last year I got burned in the gift exchange; I sent mine out but my Secret Santa never sent me anything. I never even received an apology or holiday wish or anything. No explanation; no cancellation of participation. Now I understand that sometimes Life doesn't play out as we might wish; we may sign up fully intending to participate but then emergencies come up or paychecks fall through or any of a hundred different things that might force us to change our plans arise and that's fine -- BUT if something like this happens, please let me know BEFORE the e-mails go out, ESPECIALLY if you're participating in the Gift Exchange. It's only fair to ALL involved that if they spend their time and money (a luxury many of us may not have) to send out a gift to someone that they should have the joy of receiving one as well. If you sign up to participate, please hold up your end of the deal and send something out -- or at least let me know before the participation deadline (Friday, December 5) that you can no longer participate so I can make sure everyone gets paired off with someone and no one gets left out. Thank you.

OK, now, on to the fun! Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of country! I don't want to restrict this to the U.S. only; everyone is welcome to spread some holiday cheer! So don't let your location hinder you -- we'll have participants from all over the globe! Participation is simple! (As both the Secret Santa gift exchange and holiday card exchange require physical addresses to which stuff can be mailed, please get permission from your parents to participate if necessary. Thank you!) Here's how it works:

Click for instructions! :DCollapse )

And there you have it! This should be easy enough to organize, and loads of fun to participate in! I, myself, will be participating in both the Secret Santa gift exchange and the card exchange! Let the fun begin! :D Happy Holidays, Everyone! <3

Fanfic: The Last Kidnapping, Part 17

When I posted Part 16, I figured I was done, but a continuation has inserted itself into my brain, so here you are, fandom.

Title: The Last Kidnapping, Part 17
Author: Joan
Length: 3638 words
Summary: The visitors from Earth get to work.
Warnings: Nudity, lots of OCs

Links to previous chapters under the cut

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First off, I just want to say that Livejournal isn't working properly for me. The format isn't loading properly and it makes making a post difficult. Is this also happen to anyone else? It is extremely frustrating. I'm unable to add tags to a post among other things.

But good news!! I found more Megamind Storyboards!!! The amazing storyboard artist, Kat Thorson Good posted storyboards for 3 new scenes just 10 days ago, each one with 200+ boards. Wow! Check them out. You will laugh your butt off, I assure you.

First one:

Depressed Mastermind with Human Minion


Second One:

A Very Different Museum Scene - Mastermind / Megamind lets it all out - Hilarious


Third One

Roxanne's coworker/boss Brad is a Jerk! Seriously...


Also, if you want to check out the other story boards I found. Check out my collection of links here:




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