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For totally handsome fans of the movie

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Megamind: For totally handsome fans of the movie
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In the eternal struggle to find fans who know awesome when they see it, Megamind has a secret, incredible gathering place for the totally handsome fans of the movie.

We welcome anyone and everyone with an interest in the film, either arriving before the release or catching it on DVD years later.

HA. There are none! Villains do not need rules~!
...Oh wait, yes, they do.

1.) Let's just have fun with it! We do not censor folks here, so get your freak on and post! All we ask is that anything large, such as fanfiction, images, large videos, etc, go under a LiveJournal Cut. Instructions on how to do a LJ-Cut are below. n_n Everything and anything is allowed here; just keep it friendly!
2.) Keep adult content under a LJ-Cut, and ADD WARNINGS TO YOUR POST. Please be considerate and fair to any members who are not into such things, and give them the chance to scroll over your entry.
3.) We are all friends here. We are not going to always agree on things, and that's okay-- but remember to take a step back and relax if a discussion becomes too much. If your thread gets out of hand for ANY reason, please contact a mod for help with crowd-control. :) But be aware, your posts/comments have consequences and your opinions likely differ from the opinions of somebody else, somewhere. Also, locking or screening comments (except in cases where there's a reason to keep responses private) is best avoided.
4.) TRY NOT TO SPAM. We are a very large and active community, and posting multiple times a day, while great and all, can be a bit tiring for the rest of us. Try to condense content down into one large post if you have many little things, or at least give a couple hours between postings. Give others time to have THEIR content up at the top of the community, too. :D
5.) Continue being the dirty little freaks that you are. <3

Don't panic! LiveJournal can be overwhelming at first!

How to join our community:
Check the community's profile near the very top-right. You are given two options: "watching" the community, and "joining" the community. Watching the community causes our posts to show up in your Friends Page, among any other journals/communities you are watching. You can skip this option if we post too frequently for you. To post/contribute to the community, you will need to at least join the community. :)

How to handle tags:
Your helper brainbots do the majority of the tagging work, but this community is still a group effort. PLEASE, especially if posting fanfiction-- we ask that you tag your own work. In the case of fanfiction and fanart, please try to tag: characters included, pairings included, genre, and rating. Please also label your work as "fanworks: fanart" or whatever it may be. Your efforts to help us stay tidy and organized are very appreciated! Helper brainbots get tired, too! <3

Help! I need an artist/author/creator tag!
We usually get to these asap, but if for some reason your work became overlooked, or you just want a tag quickly, contact a mod via LJ PM or AIM. Everyone who contributes gets a tag for their work. n_n

HTML is confusing... Also what is a LJ-Cut?
Well, time to learn!

OOPS we don't have any right now n_n

Other Megamind resources:
Official Site | Wikipedia | TV Tropes
DeviantArt | FanFiction.net | AdultFanFiction.net (18+)

Community Owner:
fairest1 | AIM: "fabletowngirl"
Helper Brainbots:
"Bitey Brainbot" filthy_animal | AIM: "suckmytusks"
"Gingery Brainbot" junosunderland | AIM: "juno3841"
"Drunky Brainbot" xenafox | AIM: "MindBottlingFox"
"Pervy Brainbot" aurawind * | AIM: "100001136614862ATfacebookDOTaol"
"Gamer Brainbot" patcot2007 ** | AIM: "p4tc0t"
"Tiny Brainbot" seiaa | AIM: "EnvyChanKawaii"
"Frisky Brainbot" sharelle * | PM Only
* Esta persona también habla español.
* Cette personne parle français aussi.

Please contact us if you need anything at all~! <3 And if we can do anything to make this community better, please tell us! We would love to hear your input! I promise, we do not bite, we are gentle brainbots with good manners.

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